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What people are saying...



PM at Orange DAO

Passport has enabled us to easily token-gate many of our community tools, including Discord.



Co-Founder at Paragon

Students that participated in our Web3 Externship with HSBC got a soulbound NFT to showcase their admission into our competitive program. Passport was a great way to put our digital credentials on-chain.



Co-Founder @ Stealth

Our community loves sharing their NFTs on OpenSea and outside engagement has drastically increased.

Email invites to members. Track claims. All free.

Issue NFTs by email

Bulk issue NFT invites by email with CSV import. Recipients can claim by connecting their wallet.

Track claims

See who claimed and who hasn’t. Resend claim invites.

Free to mint + claim

Orange DAO has a grant to cover minting and claiming costs for early users on Polygon.

Manage memberships

Create non-transferable NFTs

Prevent membership NFT holders from selling or trading their NFT once claimed.

Add members anytime

Issue membership NFTs to new members by email anytime

Revoke memberships

Admins can revoke memberships NFTs.

Gate access to events, conversations, and more

Token gating

Your membership NFTs work out of the box with popular token gating tools like and charmverse.

NFT gated Discord

Create Discord channels that only people with your membership NFT can access.

Claim with a QR code

Scan a QR code to claim a membership NFT. Prevent unauthorized claiming through email verification.


Integrate your product or protocol with Passport


What's a membership NFT?

A membership NFT works just like a membership card, but is an NFT that lives on the blockchain. With a membership NFT, your members can access private areas within your community.

Our Story

At Orange DAO, we first created membership NFTs to scratch our own itch. In late 2021, we ran a Discord server and needed to restrict access to YC alums only. We wanted to something that not only worked with Discord, but with other applications as well.

A small team of engineers got together and created “Alumni Gem”, our first membership NFT — a non-transferable, revokable NFT that represented a member’s YC alumni status on the (Polygon) blockchain.

Today, we use this membership NFT to gate access to Discord (via, Notion (via Charmverse), as well as our internal applications, such as the member’s section of Over 1,000 people have already claimed their membership NFT and successfully onboarded into Orange DAO.

Passport is a public goods project by Orange DAO that takes what we’ve learned with Alumni Gem and makes it accessible to everyone. Using Passport, anyone can create their own membership NFTs in a few clicks — no coding required!

We believe NFTs are important for the internet because they make identity portable across platforms, and they’re composable by nature, meaning people can build on top of their data permissionlessly.

By making it easier to create and share membership NFTs, we want to encourage more builders of all stripes to experiment with NFTs so we can create a more open and permissionless internet.


Passport can be used by anyone, but is designed specifically with community managers in mind. All you need to issue your own membership NFTs is a list of members’ names and emails.

Two unique aspects of membership NFTs are non-transferability and revokability. These are important for making your community secure.

Most NFTs today are designed to be traded or sold, which means anyone could own it. Transferability poses a threat to the privacy and security of your community, since you don’t know who will be able to see what is shared. That’s why we made membership NFTs non-transferable by default, meaning they cannot be transfered or sold after they are obtained by a member.

To give community managers more control over memberships, we made membership NFTs revokable by default, meaning the NFT creator (the community manager) has the power to revoke a member’s access to an NFT if necessary.

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